Reacting to Change in Your Fire Systems


As your business changes, so do your fire safety requirements. Facility expansions, occupancy changes and changes in code can all increase demand for changes to your fire safety systems.

Custom Fire is your full-service fire protection company and best choice for retrofitting to meet these changing needs.

Our in-house design team will design a cost-effective and code-compliant sprinkler layout that is specifically tailored to the unique attributes and needs of your facility. Then, our expert team of fitters will work on-time and on-budget to implement the plan with minimal disruption of work and impact to architectural features.

We pride ourselves on proactive project management and our ability to minimize backcharges and extras by leveraging our experience. Our team can confidently handle projects of any size and scope.



A retrofit fire system can provide a series of benefits to your business. Aside from enhanced protection and alignment with codes and compliance, you may be able to negotiate reduced property insurance premiums, access government programs and most importantly reduce fire-related losses.

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We can design and install fire sprinkler retrofit systems for virtually any size facility and type, including: Nursing homes and care facilities, hotels, motels, high-rise buildings, factories, warehouses, public buildings and more. Our team can handle projects of any size and scope.

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